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Collective Action

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History has shown us that to get real change that positively affects our lives we must work collectively. We live in a society where oftentimes money equals power. Our movements do not have money, but we have people and people together can translate into power.  In order to enact change on the many challenges that face us we must engage in reflection & analysis, knowledge & skill building, and action together; that is, praxis (Freire). Social workers are well-situated to work with the people most affected by injustice in our society as they lead action for change that improves lives, brings about equity, and challenges the balance of power.

As Mariame Kaba says "Anything worth doing is done with others."

Collective Action Organizations Involved with SWAC



ACOSA is the Association of Community Organization & Social Action. Founded in the 1980s, it is the oldest membership organization that promotes macro social work education, scholarship, and practice. Today, it’s foci are on community practice, collective mobilization, and social justice initiatives in areas such as labor rights, environmental action, and equity and inclusion. 


Joining ACOSA helps support our efforts to expand macro social work and related fields.    


Membership Benefits include: 

  • Weekly eblast that features all things macro 

  • Online access to current and back issues of the Journal of Community Practice 

  • Access to informational events on issues of concern to community praxis 

  • Opportunities to connect with other community scholars, educators, and activists 

Click here to access the ACOSA website. 


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The Social Welfare Action Alliance (SWAA) is a national organization of progressive and radical workers in human services founded in 1985 as the Bertha Capen Reynolds Society. Reynolds was an activist social worker, educator, outspoken trade unionist, and a speaker on issues of social justice, civil rights and peace in the United States.


SWAA promotes radical social work & human services for social change. As an organization, we advocate for practice that addresses the structural causes of human suffering and work to dismantle those structures that affect us all. 

Click here to access the SWAA website.


This May Day Join SWAC and partner orgs to mobilize against anti-trans and anti-DEI legislation. 
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